Download Stayfree Screen Time Tracker and Limit Supper in 2022

Students and peoples are getting more and more hooked in to smartphone. Whather it is adults or children at dinner or at party. The matter of smartphone addiction has become increasingly day by day. Most of the students simply do not realize that they spend tons of your time a day on their applications and softwear games. By using this screen time, we will much better understanding the utilization of our smart phones. The whether it is softwear game or an application, once you install screen time application, you are time management seriously conscious person. A successful person, businessman and student can manage his time perfectly better.

Stayfree application remains very new and your support is extremely to us! If you and your friends wish the application, if you've got suggestions or want to ascertain something new improved, do not hesitate to succeed in out.

Application Usage Daily/Weekly/ Monthly Detail :

Screentime application will show a detailed views of daily smartphone usage, accurate for phone usage in each hour and each minutes, which applications have been opened by you. how much time is used application, with screen time, you can much better allocate smartphone usage time with screen openly times. you can know the duration of each hour of use and type of the app used. By checking mobile phone usage statistical in the last week up to one week of app use and know your daily smartphone using trend and timing.

Application Features :-
  • First this application is ads free!
  • Application usage history : view charts and statistics of your usage history.
  • Lock mode : need a password to unlock in settings.
  • Widget : show most using application and total using on a normally dashboard.
  • Block mode : Temporarily block any apps that you basically over using daily.
  • Export mode : export your application usage history and data to CSV or excel file.
  • Motivational quotes : display inspiring quotation that encourage productivity and fewer usage of your smartphone.
  • Application reminder : By Notification you once you are spending more time in social media and other apps you warned and reminder by over use notification reminder.

This Application Special Making Things :-
  • Highest rated self control application.
  • Battery friendly.
  • Extremely fast and user friendly interface.
  • Quick downloader support.
  • Most Accurate usage analytics.

Main View Point About This Best Application :-

Stayfree Time saver application may be normal and user friendly android application that allow you to point out proportion time you spend on your mobile and your favorite application. You will set usage limits for your application and receive notifications when exceeding those limit over. You will also view the small report print of your usage and statistics on your usage history and data.

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