The government will give Rs 15 lakh to the farmers, how to get it and what is the process, find out about this FPO scheme

The government will give Rs 15 lakh to the farmers, how to get it and what is the process, find out about this FPO scheme

FPO Yojana 2020 :- Hello friends, the Union Government has launched the PM Kisan FPO scheme to double the income of all farmers in the country. Farmers’ Producer Organizations, the main objective of the scheme is to advance the agriculture sector in the country. This scheme can benefit many farmers immensely. This post provides detailed information on how you can get all 15 lakh from this PM Kisan FPO scheme.

It is a group of farmers who are registered under the Companies Act and carry forward agricultural productive work under the PM Kisan FPO scheme. The Central government will provide financial assistance of Rs 15-15 lakh to these groups. For this, the Centre is going to spend Rs 4,496 crore on this PM Kisan FPO scheme. With the help of this organization, farmers in urban and rural areas will be provided with direct government facilities.

Under the PM Kisan FPO scheme, all the benefits that a company receives but this farmer producer organisation will be totally different from cooperative policies i.e., the company will not be provided with the Cooperative Act. Now let’s know what are the conditions for creating this Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO) and how much you will benefit from this organization.

PM Kisan Producer Organisation Scheme
A group of small and marginal farmers will be formed under the PM Kisan FPO scheme. All farmers associated with this group will be able to sell their crops easily and it will be easier to buy manure, seeds, medicines and agricultural equipment etc. They will get rid of middlemen to sell their crops and get a good profit of the crop.

10000 Farmer Producer Organizations (FPO) will be set up across the country to promote farmers through this scheme. A Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) will be formed in every block of 100 districts of the country. The central government has also informed that 30 lakh farmers of the country are projected to get direct benefits through this farmer producer organisation (FPO). It will be registered in the Companies Act, so it will have all the benefits that a company gets.

Rs 15 lakh assistance through FPO scheme
Under pm kisan fpo scheme, 11 farmers can organize and form their own agriculture companies or organizations. To make this scheme a success, the organization is working in the plains, at least 300 farmers should be associated with it. In the hilly area, the number will be 100.

The central government will give Rs 15 lakh a year after assessing the work of the organisation. The government will provide credit guarantee for loans in projects up to Rs 2 crore under this Farmer Producer’s Organization (FPO).

Now, whoever wants to join the farmer producer organization under this PM Kisan FPO scheme and avail a benefit of Rs 15 lakh, all of you have to fulfil the above conditions.

We have provided all the information related to the farmer producer organization here. If you still have any questions about this FPO, you can ask all your questions in the comments box below.

◆ The government will spend Rs 6,865 crore on the scheme by 2024
◆ The government plans to free farmers from middlemen

The government has announced big gifts to farmers.  Now farmers can get up to Rs 15 lakh.  However there are some conditions for getting this amount.  This amount can be obtained only on the basis of these conditions.  It has been named PM Kisan FPO Scheme 2020.  Along with this it is believed that it can improve the condition of farmers.  The government will spend Rs 6,865 crore on the scheme by 2024.

 🔶 What is the purpose of this scheme?The central government has started it to provide economic relief to farmers.  So as to get rid of intermediaries.  It means Farmer Producers Organization (FPO).

🔶 How to get Rs 15 lakh?

An FPO will be set up for Rs 15 lakh.  It will have a farmer's group.  The group will get Rs 15 lakh.  This group should have at least 11 farmers.  These 11 farmers have to form an organization or a company.

🔶 What money will be found here at once?

 No, this money will be received in three years.  That means it will get some phases.

🔶 What will be the benefit from this ?

 The scheme will also have group farmers who will get various benefits.  The country will benefit farmers as much as it does business in agriculture.  Farmers will have the opportunity to turn farming into a business.

🔶 Is it possible to get Rs 15 lakh just by setting up an agri company?

 No, after 11 farmers form an agri company, it has to be registered under the Companies Act, which has to work for the benefit of the producer.  Under this, the organizations will get Rs 15 lakh.

🔶 Which state will get this benefit ?

 Farmers from all the states of the country will benefit from it.  You can create an organization in whatever state you are in.  If the farmers are in the plains then 300 farmers can join them.  If there is a hilly area like Uttarakhand or any other, it can connect 100 farmers.



🔶 How to apply?

So far the government has not started the registration process.  You can apply for this after some time when the government will start fully.  A notification for this may come shortly

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