Budget 2021 - 22 Find out what happened cheap and expensive List

Budget 2021 - 22 Find out what happened cheap and expensive List : Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman today presented the General Budget for the year 2021-22 at the Parliament House.  With this is the new budget of the Modi government.
Earlier, the Modi government had presented the Union Budget eight times.  In which it was stated which things became cheaper and which things became more expensive.  The budget provides information on changes in the prices of everything from mobiles to cars and from gold-moons to home appliances.

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◆ So many things became cheaper according to this budget
1. Leather products
2. Dry cleaning became cheaper
3. Iron products became cheaper
4. Pants became cheaper
5. Electricity became cheaper
6. Insurance became cheaper
7. Steel utensils became cheaper
8. Shoes became cheaper
9. Gold-silver became cheaper
10. Agricultural implements became cheaper
11. Polyester fabrics became cheaper
12. Nylon became cheaper
◆ So many things are expensive in this budget
1. Mobiles and chargers became expensive
2. Trains become expensive
3. Electronics became expensive
4. Cotton clothes became expensive
5. Gems became expensive
6. Leather shoes became expensive
7. Petrol-diesel became expensive
8. Chickpeas became expensive
9. Urea became expensive
10. Chickpeas became expensive
11. Alcohol and alcohol are expensive
12. Auto parts became expensive

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