Mass promotion of class 1 to 8 students in schools, edu department clarifies

Covid 19 has spread more and more with person to person and mostly school has no started till December 20 20 and then most of online education in standard 1 ti 8 is continue but spread ness of vividh 19 is generate critical condition.

So the next position is all situation has to decide for mass promotion perhaps for further situation of covid 19....
If the people can not take care of covid 19 then most of area of cloudy cover the disease sufferings of disease infection more and more so people has to take care of all of surrounding us and then it's family

The education department has made an important clarification regarding the mass promotion of students of class 1 to 8. It should be noted that schools were shut down in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Later, online classes were started but schools were not re-opened even as the government allowed other places to function.

There was a buzz that since the government has announced a reduction in the syllabus to make up for the lost time, it will eventually also mass promote students from Class 1 to 8 given that education this year has been online.

Several Parents’ Association has also demanded the same. The Education Department has however clarified that it has taken no decision concerning the same and has not given it a thought either.

What education department has said about schools reopening

Earlier education minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama had held a meeting with schools and primary education officials concerning reopening of schools. As of now, the education department is preparing the guidelines for the same.

In the webinar meeting, the education minister had hinted that the state may not reopen schools for up to class 8 even after Diwali. Physical classes may likely resume for students of class 9 to 12.


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If students are allowed to attend schools post the Diwali vacation in November it will be subject to several conditions. It is being speculated that if schools open, the government will not allow school vans to ferry kids to avoid violating social distancing norms.

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