Chief Minister Vijay Rupani Reduces Fuel Surcharge By 19 Paise Per Unit

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani reduces fuel surcharge by 19 paise per unit “Consumers of State Electricity Companies to get relief of about Rs.356-crore during three months,” says Energy Minister Saurabhbhai Patel

As part of State Government led by Chief Minister Vijay Rupani’s several decisions in favour of the consumers it has reduced the fuel surcharge on electricity by 19 paise per unit for consumers of the State Electricity Companies. It will provide relief of Rs.356-crore to 1.40 crore consumers, said Energy Minister Saurabhbhai Patel here today. 

While the fuel surcharge is levied from the consumers as per the formula fixed by the Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Authority over and above the energy charge in the electricity bills, the four Electricity Distribution Companies under the Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Limited had charged Rs.2.00 per unit as fuel surcharge during the last quarter from July to September, 2020. The consumers will be charged Rs.1.81 per unit as fuel surcharge from October to December 2020. 

Minister Patel added that the main reason for the reduction in fuel surcharge is that during this quarter, the state government has purchased gas at cheaper rates in the interest of consumers and has produced gas-based electricity which has reduced the cost of power generation. This means that more than 1.50 crore consumers will get this benefit directly, which will reduce their electricity bills and reduce their bills, he added.

The Minister said the State Government decided to reduce the fuel surcharge by 19 paise per unit owing to cheaper availability of coal in the international market and easy availability of gas to the State Government, providing relief of about Rs.356-crore to the 1.40-crore consumers.

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