The central government changed many rules for road safety

The central government has changed many rules for road safety, while some rules have been made. The ministry recently announced new guidelines for two-wheeler riders.

The central government changed many rules for road safety

Announces new guidelines for two-wheeler riders
Recently, the Modi government has changed some rules regarding road safety and made some new rules. The ministry has issued new guidelines for bike riders. Then let us know about this from the area ...

Pedestal made mandatory

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According to the ministry's guideline, both sides of the bike have to hold hands behind the driver's seat. Its purpose is to protect the people sitting in the back. Yet most bikes do not have this feature. Along with this pedestals on both sides have been made mandatory for those sitting on the back of the bike.

Apart from this the left half of the rear wheel of the bike has to be safely covered so that the clothes of the people sitting in the back do not get stuck in the rear wheel.

Revealed guide to light containers in bikes

The ministry has also issued guidelines for placing light containers in bikes. The length of this container should not exceed 550 mm, width 510 mm and height 500 mm.

If the container is to be placed at the rear ride site, only the driver will be allowed. Meaning no one else will be able to sit on that bike. The government will change these rules from time to time.

Also a guide to tires

The government has also recently issued new guidelines on tires. The underlying maximum is 3.5. Tire pressure monitoring system is indicated for tonnage vehicles.

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In this system, the driver gets information about the air condition in the tires of the vehicle through the sensor. The ministry has also recommended a tire repair kit. After its introduction, the vehicle will no longer need additional tires.

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