Land Record Promulgation Gujarat [રી સર્વે ક્ષેત્રફળમાં સુધારો કઈ રીતે કરવો]

Land Record Promulgation Gujarat – જમીન રેકર્ડ સુુુુુુુુધારા ગુજરાત

રી સર્વે ક્ષેત્રફળમાં સુધારો કઈ રીતે કરવો | Land Records Gujarat | Land Record Promulgation gujarat. Wherever promulgation has been announced, we will settle all objections raised by farmers in a satisfactory manner. We will unlock the land records and enter a note about the changes if needed

Land Record Promulgation Gujarat

The Gujarat government had last year launched the drive to re-survey of agriculture land for the record, the first such initiative since Independence. The state had appointed private agencies to map the land.

The land re-survey work has already got over, the minister said adding that while land records of around 11,000 villages have been finalised so far, the process was yet to start for over 6,000 villages.

Land Record Promulgation Gujarati Video Tutorial

e-Jamin – Integrated Land Records Management System of Gujarat

4 Forms which are collectively known as Record of Rights
– Village Form 6 – mutation register
– Village Form 7 – reflects the title of the present owner
and entries pertaining to all transactions of the said land
– Village Form 8A – gives the land account of every farmer
– Village Form 12 – reflects the cultivator and the crop
cultivated (productivity)

Gujarat Land Record Government Sites:

  1. Anyror For Land Record:
  2. Garvi For Jantri Rate Gujarat:
  3. Revenue Department Gujarat:
  4. Online Varsai – iORA:

e-Dhara System Gujarat

The primary objective
-Complete Computerisation of Land Records across the state

Leading objectives
-Elimination of Manual Records,
-Computer controlled mutation process
-Self sustainability

Other objectives of the system include
-Visible improvement in quality of services provided to citizen
-Allowing farmers / citizens easy access to their records
-Infuse transparency in providing the services to citizens
-Ease of administration
-Facilitate easy maintenance,
-Prompt updation of land records
-Making land records tamper proof,
-Speed up delivery of RoR without delays,
-Prevent harassment and bribery
-Platform for providing more citizen centric services

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