CEO of Tiktok wrote to Government of India, experts say app can be restarted

CEO of Tiktok wrote to Government of India, experts say app can be restarted 

The India-China dispute is growing. The Indian government and army are committed to replying to the dragon. After the government of India banned 59 Chinese apps, Tiktok has written a letter to the government, which is being discussed worldwide. 

Tiktok company wrote a letter to the government o

The Chinese government has promised not to provide information to the company 

We announced to set up a data center in India," the company said 

The company wrote a letter to the government on 28 June following the ban on Tiktok. The company's chief executive, Kevin Mayer, told the government that the Chinese government had never sought user data and would not provide it if it did. 

Government action on Chinese app 
In particular, Tiktok is not only available in China, but is also owned by the Chinese company BiteDance. After the conflict on India's border with China, the government had banned a total of 59 apps to protect the country. Apart from TikTalk, apps like WeChat and UC Browser have also been banned in this app. The UC browser app belongs to Ali Baba Group.

Data of Indian users stored on servers in Singapore
The company is now likely to lose billions after the app was banned. The owner of the company has written to the government seeking help. "I can guarantee that the Chinese government has never requested us for Indian users 'tick data," said Meyer, "Indian users' data is stored on a server in Singapore." And if we receive any such request in the future, we will not comply with it.' 

The popularity of other apps increased with the closing of TicketLock 
However, government sources say that the ban on the app is currently difficult to lift. Furthermore, the company will not get the benefit of legal action as the government considers national security as the main reason for the ban. In particular, the TikTalk app became very popular in India. Currently some other apps are being downloaded in bulk due to the ban on Tiktok, with many users calling themselves Tiktok Stars. People are downloading apps like Roposo, Mitron. 

The company tried to reassure the government 

Tiktok's company decided to invest one billion dollars in the sector. The app quickly became popular in the US and India after its launch in 2017. The privacy of our users and the security and sovereignty of India is of paramount importance to us. We have announced our plans to establish a data center in India," Mayer wrote in the letter. 

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It should be noted that there is a law in the Chinese constitution in which the Chinese government can request data from any company and there is also a provision for action if the company does not give such information to the government. It is learned that at a time when India-China relations are deteriorating, the government has banned China from misusing any information of Indian users.

According to a letter written by Tiktok to the government, Indian users' data is stored in Singapore and if the company promises to set up a data center in India in the future, there is a possibility that the app ban will be lifted in the future Can.

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