Various package In Lockdown by Government of India and Gujarat

Apart from the lockdown, the words that are currently coming to our mind - Life, Livelihood and Economy are Life, Livelihoods, Economy. There is no doubt that the loaddown was done to save lives in the midst of the Corona virus crisis. This will be given the utmost importance but that does not mean that other things are not taken care of.

 Various Packeg In Lockdown by Government of India and Gujarat

It is the job of the government to do all the work together because it has all the ministries and the whole system is in its hands. It may not be that we first save the lives of people with the Corona virus and leave Livelihook at the brink of extinction and then we become back to normal.

No one knows when this lockdown will end. The government may also be thinking about what to decide next. It is just as important to announce a huge concession package and to show what action the government will take if the announcement is delayed, as is the availability of test kits for Corona.

What did you do to this country that is richer than us? What they have done to protect the economy and employment. The United States has so far provided a little over 10 percent relief package from its GDP. India's economy is worth three trillion, compared to Germany, Britain and Canada, Germany has given about 20 percent, UK more than 15 percent and Canada has given four and a half percent relief package. India has given a package of 0.71 per cent, ie 1.70 thousand crore against it. Which is a repurchase package, it is not a Direct Cash Out, of which only Rs 60-70 thousand crore will be in the form of a Direct Cashout.

The money for this relief package is being talked about reaching women, the elderly, pensioners, the poor, though that is a good thing and is needed as well. But our economy is not just about giving money to the poor, what does it have to do with it? First of all, let's see what all countries are doing on this. Other countries have announced such a huge relief package, through which Direk is giving away cash or unemployment allowances. Loans to students. Protecting tenants. Business Interruptions Providing Loans The Fed Reserve has so far said that the bank will provide loans to any kind of individuable, businessman and will guarantee it himself. Thus banks do not have to worry about what will happen to their balance sheet? Thus the governments of other countries are desperately trying to save both life and economy. She is working to reach people in every category.

Other countries are giving money to their poorer classes, and also to those who are businessmen. It can be in any format, such as loans or loans, etc. The government is currently giving money to the businessmen to protect the business, as it can pay its workers in the midst of closed work. So that he can keep his business running even after the lockdown. India has also announced a relief package but that is not enough. India's relief package is just like cumin seeds in camel's mouth.

Varius Yojana In Lockdown 

So what should we do to run the economy?

The worst case scenario is SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), who need help first. He needs help because the government wants to give money to the poor, it gives employment to the poor. For the unorganized sector, there is a 7th bone. Their biggest problem is that they have to pay salaries but are not earning. There is currently no clarity on the bank loan repayments. In addition, taxes are to be paid. The biggest question is whether or not to open a business in May. He needs help first.

To estimate how the situation would rise after the lockdown, we have to look at Wuhan as an example, which opened after the 76-day lockdown. In this we have to look after the Live, Lovelyhood and Economy, and we cannot release any of them and hold on to one. From whom do we get this training? What Roosevelt did in America after World War - Relief, Recovery and Reform. We are currently focusing on Relief. But even for reform, steps should be filled fast.

Coronary patients are also steadily increasing during lockdown. There were less than a thousand cases in India before the lockdown but since then the number of consecutive cases has increased to over 6000. It seems clear that the Indian government is failing to save lives and the economy.

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