Gujarat Government Big Decision the lockdown in Corona Various 2020.

Gujarat Government Big Decision the lockdown in Corona Various 2020 While Corona's wealthiest and wealthiest countries are moving from America to Europe, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has given a lockdown to save this huge country of 10 million population through the lockdown.

According to which all educational institutes are closed for the last one month, the academic year was nearing completion so that most of the examinations were also canceled due to lockdown.  So that important chapters have been left to study in primary to secondary, higher secondary schooling, and it is impossible to imagine the extent of lockdown in the Corona corridor.  

So that Dhawal International School in our area which is CBSE Affiliated as well as SVS Campus Jetpur Pella and PDB Campus - from KG of Jettlesar to KG in standard 12 schoolings.  D.  Dinesh Bhuva Hitesh Patel, CEO of Dhaval International School. O  D.  AnitaMedam, H. of the SVS campus.  O  D.  That  D.  Kargathhara, Sandeep Bhatti, PDB Campus H.  O  D.  Jignesh Radadia, in consultation with Sandeep Vegda, designed to complete the year-end curriculum and provide online education for the subjects of mathematics, science, English and social sciences, such as mathematics, science, English and social sciences, starting with the new academic session with prerecording by experienced and trained teachers of the institute. 

 The video is uploaded to the YouTube channel every day and every one of these  Mpasana small groups of students from 1 to 3,500 sequentially in the morning 2 hours 10: 00 12: 00 in the online video prerecorded invitation link is given to parents by parents votasaapa.  The link that their parents regularly teach students online in the morning from the prefix schedule of 1: 1 to 3: 1.  Upon completion of this schedule, a solution to the questions and queries which are conferred on the students is provided telephonically by the Expert Teachers of the Institute. 

 Along with the academy, in the Co-Collastic area, the institute is also launching projects on debit, quiz, art & craft from the institute for students' creativity online.  During the lockdown, the parents and educators and intellectuals of the day-to-day online education system praised the children for the disarmament of students and did not want to distract them.  D.  Dinesh Bhuva and his team have shown their readiness.  I

n order to apply this ideology so that thousands of students do not have a basic knowledge base, there is a readiness to provide all the training to develop a project that deserves congratulations.

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