Government of Gujarat For women Big announcement Full Details 2020

With the approval of Gujarat government to start industrial units in some areas from April 20, industrial activities have started in the state.  The Government of Gujarat has made a special announcement for women working in industrial units.
No female worker or employee can be called for duty in these industry units from 7 pm to 6 am i.e. during night time.  Women have to be called on duty during the day
The Gujarat government :- has allowed a maximum shift of 12 hours in areas where industries and units are to be operational from April 20.  This decision will be extremely blessed for the industrial units at a time when there is a shortage of workers.  Women are exempted from this rule.  Women cannot have a 12-hour shift

The workers who work in these 12 hour shifts will have to pay extra.  The Gujarat government has said that these workers will have to be given extra hours in addition to their current wages.
Announcing the announcement, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani's secretary Ashwini Kumar said that due to the relaxation of lockdown situation in Gujarat, it has decided to start industries-units from April 20 in some areas but these industries-units can be started only in areas outside the municipal corporation limits.
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