A lockdown has been announced across the state since midnight today. Then the lockdown has been announced till March 31 next. Article 144 has been imposed throughout Gujarat. People can only be left out for the necessities of life. If anyone goes out of the house without a reason, the police will stop them. No longer can a private vehicle be transported without the need and emergency.

Essential service will continue

The lockdown has been announced since midnight today. All shops, offices, workshops will be closed. Apart from this, it has been announced that municipal, municipal corporation, medical, vegetable, hygiene services will continue.

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In Gujarat too, the corona virus has become overwhelmed when Gujarat Police Chief Shivanand Jha held a press conference today announcing lock down all over Gujarat. It has been decided to lock down tonight from 12pm to 31st March. Article 144 has been implemented throughout Gujarat. In addition, the important thing is that living things will not be available. Out-of-state borders have been sealed. If a person walks out of the house without a reason, the police will stop him.

The lockdown is about to begin. All shops, godowns, workshops, offices will be closed.


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