Wearing Helments No Longer Compulsory in Urban Areas: State Government

The Gujarat Government has Granted exemption from wearing helmets in urban areas, taking a very important derision. Today minister of Roads and Transport R.C Announcing the Announcement, the Cabinet approved the decision to exempt two-wheeler operators form wearing helmets in municipal and municipal areas at Cabinet meetings.

Wearing a helmet made people uncomfortable going to social events other activities. After Receiving such complaints, the government has finally decided to allow helmet laws in urban areas. it is worth  mentioning that, for years, people have demanded that helmet and seat belt laws make no sense when the speed of vehicles is low due to high traffic in urban areas.

It is important to pay a fine of Rs 500 if the helmet is not worn under the existing law. However, there was a tremendous outcry form the government against the numerous increase in the fine amounts as soon as the new traffic rules came into force. in cities of helmets.

there were fierce anger among the public as most of the drivers on the two-wheeler were involved in helmet and  signal breach.There were also cases of civil strikes with police after the new rules came into force. in addition, people complained that the amount of fines had increased due to increasing corruption.

Wearing Helments No Longer Compulsory in Urban Areas: State Government Click Here Read Gujarati

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